Why Methodology

How We Measure Up

We don’t just extrapolate current trends or draw projections from historical relationships. Instead, our view of the future and our quantitative forecasts are based on understanding the individual drivers of change, and the relationship between them. This solid foundation then allows us to understand the impact of those drivers on future conditions. 

We approach our work from an integrated perspective, taking into account the supply-and-demand side of the equations as well as the competitive landscape and the perspective of other stakeholders. 

Our analysis is supported by a range of analytical models that include: 

  • Strategic, Financial and Operational Models to evaluate the impact of strategic initiatives and performance improvement efforts.
  • Valuation Models to assess single assets as well as portfolios of assets, business units and entire companies.
  • Market Models that allow us to forecast fundamental conditions such as supply, demand and pricing, and to assess the influence when key input factors are changed.
  • Competitive Landscape Models that identify the root cause of performance differences with and between competitors, and to assess the relative impact of changes in the external environment.
  • Macroeconomic Models that help us design and assess the impact of policy initiatives such as tax, investment and subsidy programs.
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