Why Stratas Advisors?

Why Overview

Strategic Insights Across the Value Chain

Global consultancy Stratas Advisors provides full spectrum coverage of the energy sector and related industries. We deliver data, analysis and insight to leading businesses, governments and institutions to help our clients achieve tangible results. 

By framing future market environments and the competitive landscape, we identify and evaluate what that framework means to your organization so you can develop appropriate responses. Our digital platform empowers our clients with dynamic, interactive and customizable data and scenarios. 

Track record of trust and expertise

We remain committed to delivering top-quality forecasts, insights, consulting and educational or outreach services across the oil & gas value chain. Hart Energy, a leading provider of news, data and analysis to the global energy industry for more than 40 years, launched its research division in 1983. The re-brand as Stratas Advisors in 2014 marked its enhanced and strengthened research and consulting capabilities.

Enabling results you will be proud to present

We work with leading private and public-sector organizations worldwide. Our team brings more than 500 years of combined industry expertise – technical, economic, political and financial – to the task. Our wide geographic reach includes deep local knowledge and extensive knowledge in analytical methods and strategic frameworks fortifies our models and analysis. This scale, scope and knowledge allow us to readily address complex issues and help you develop business opportunities, policies and strategic solutions that reach beyond conventional wisdom.

We excel in robust analysis backed by:

  • Strategic, Financial and Operational Models assess the impact of business or policy initiatives and performance improvement efforts.
  • Valuation Models help you assess individual assets, full portfolios, business units and companies.
  • Market Models enable accurate forecasts of fundamentals such as supply/demand and pricing, as well as measure the influence of changes to key input factors.
  • Competitive Landscape Models identify root causes of performance differences with and among competitors, and determine relative impact of changes in the external environment.
  • Macroeconomic Models allow for designing and evaluating the impact of geopolitics, policy initiatives (including tax, investment and subsidy policies) and regulations.

We work alongside your team as colleagues, enhancing analysis and decision-making at every level and opportunity.  You remain involved in analytical methods and working hypotheses. By fostering consensus on external and internal perspectives — the future landscape as well as current strategic and organizational goals — we build pragmatic, actionable recommendations.

Develop unparalleled insights

Our continually developing knowledge base offers exceptional value for clients. We work across and within each segment of the energy-sector value chain, analyzing impacts with respect to related industries and for each geographic region.

We place emphasis on identifying, understanding and monitoring key drivers of change that shape future developments. Our forward-looking perspective helps you capture or leverage available opportunities, mitigate risks and implement strategies that create sustainable positions.

Our one-of-a-kind insight and expertise remains at your disposal, whenever you need it, tailored to your organization’s specific goals. That’s why you choose Stratas Advisors as your trusted partner.
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