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  • Insight | February 22, 2017

    Africa by the Numbers: Forecast to 2035

    Continuing the recovery from the recession and the events of 2011, petroleum product demand is projected to increase by 2.4% annually from 2014 to 2020. This growth is projected to increase to 2.8% annually from 2020 to 2035, reaching 6.77 million b/d by 2035.

  • Insight | February 21, 2017

    US Tier 3 Sulfur Requirements Hitting Full Stride in 2017

    Unlike regulations in parts of Europe and Japan, the US allows refinery gate sulfur levels as high as 80 ppm so long as the volume weighted average is maintained at or below 10 ppm.

  • Insight | February 20, 2017

    Trending: Global Natural Gas, NGL Production on the Rise

    More projects are expected to come on stream in Q1 2017, including Sonatrach’s Tinhert project in onshore Algeria (850 MMCf/d of gas capacity), Petrovietnam’s Su Tu Trang Phase 1 development (200 MMCf/d gas capacity), and Kuwait Energy’s Siba gas project in Iraq (100 MMCf/d).

  • Insight | February 17, 2017

    Venezuela’s Maduro on Course for More Turbulent Times

    Stratas Advisors anticipates that Rex Tillerson will direct a robust allocation of State Department resources toward the support Venezuela's democratic opposition in an effort to nudge Maduro out of office.

  • Insight | February 16, 2017

    Egypt and Kenya: Hottest New Automotive Growth Markets in Africa

    Many countries in Africa are experiencing both an expansion of the middle class and a rise in skilled labor. There are numerous countries that offer an attractive investment opportunity for vehicle manufacturers.

  • Insight | February 15, 2017

    37 XTL Plants in Operation; More Under Construction

    As of January 2017, 37 XTL liquid fuels facilities are operating. This includes a number of pilot-scale facilities that still remain intermittently operational.

  • Insight | February 14, 2017

    Growth Opportunities in a Down LNG Market

    South Asia and West Africa have been identified by Stratas Advisors as having among the highest growth potential for gas consumption over the next 15-20 years.

  • Insight | February 13, 2017

    Heavy Oil Production Expected to be Flat in Q1 2017

    Global crude quality in Q4 2016 was a little sourer than Q3, as the sour crude percentage increased 0.4% to 84.7%. The sour crude percentage in Q1 2017 is expected to further increase to 84.8%.

  • Insight | February 10, 2017

    Despite Some Turbulence, Global GDP Closes 2016 on a High

    Per our advance estimates, global GDP growth, aggregated via market exchange rates, perked up to 2.5% in 4Q16. This is the highest rate of global GDP growth seen since 4Q15.

  • Insight | February 09, 2017

    Next-generation IGCC will Offer Higher Efficiencies

    The demand for IGCC is supported on several fronts, particularly in Asia.