May 20, 2019

Europe - Alkylate Outlook

Stratas Advisors

Alkylate contributes up to 12% of gasoline blend stock. The blending volume fraction of alkylate is critical to meet RVP, aromatics, sulfur, and olefins regulations. Europe produces an excess of alkylate and exports to other regions, mainly North America. 

Global alkylate demand is going to stay strong in short- and long-term. Even though the developed countries will observe a decline in gasoline demand in the coming decade, global demand of gasoline will remain strong. Increasing gasoline demand, coupled with stringent gasoline specifications, including RVP, will keep alkylate demand strong for the global market. More efficient engines (high compression and direct injected) prefer higher octane gasoline. 

Europe will remain net exporter of alkylate even though local gasoline demand will decline. North America will remain a net importer of alkylate from Europe in the foreseeable future. The following chart shows alkylate supply and demand of Europe.

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