March 08, 2022

Blue Hydrogen in the Next Decade

Low-carbon hydrogen will play an important role in decarbonizing the energy complex worldwide. The penetration of low-carbon hydrogen is gaining additional momentum after COP26 (The UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow), during which several governments restated their interest in and commitment to a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030.

Stratas Advisors has completed a granular assessment of the investments seen in this sector for the next few years, by region, by hydrogen color.

Our analysis takes into consideration the following low-carbon hydrogen types: 

  1. Green Hydrogen (Hydrogen produced from renewable energy-based electrolysis)
  2. Pink Hydrogen (Hydrogen produced from nuclear energy-based electrolysis)
  3. Turquoise Hydrogen (Hydrogen produced from methane pyrolysis)  
  4. Blue Hydrogen (Hydrogen produced from hydrocarbon resources, in conjunction with carbon capture to store the associated carbon dioxide) 


Blue Hydrogen Projects by Region

Blue Hydrogen Count

Source: Stratas Advisors

Globally, there are 31 active blue hydrogen plants, and 63 blue hydrogen projects. Europe accounts for seven operating plants and 34 projects. North America has 12 operating plants and 14 projects. Asia-Pacific has 11 operating plants and 11 projects. The Middle East has 2 operating and 4 projects.

Global blue hydrogen capacity is currently 3.6 MMTPA and based on the announced projects would reach 14.2 MMTPA by 2030. Europe would add 6.9 MMTPA of capacity, which would increase its share to 58%. North America currently has 0.8 MMTPA capacity which would increase by 1.9 MMTPA taking its share to 19%. North America would be followed by Asia-Pacific at 14% and Middle East at 8%.

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