August 04, 2022

EV Supply Chain Map Tool Enhancements

Stratas Advisors

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Stratas Advisors has updated its databases and maps of Mines for EV Battery Materials and for EV & EV Battery Manufacturing Plants.

The mines map/database features:

  • Over 240 active mining locations for key materials used in EVs and EV batteries
  • Includes 21 active lithium and 29 active cobalt mines across 18 countries
  • Capacity totals are shown at country level

The EV/EV battery map/database features:

  • Over 180 active EV battery plants and over 380 active EV manufacturing plants
  • Database includes active facilities across 37 countries
  • Capacity totals are shown at country level


  • Pending Projects Under Development:  Layer adds over 150 mines and 100 EV battery/assembly plants, plus expansions
  • Ore Refining Facilities:  Over 150 active and pending facilities for cobalt, lithium, and nickel
  • Proved Reserves:  Layer shown as totals by country, for cobalt, lithium, and nickel

Each facility listing includes key attributes such as company, city/location, country, product, start-up year, and capacity.  The map utilities allow the user to easily download queried data into excel.

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