January 11, 2023

Battery Raw Materials Supply & EV Battery Production Capacity Time Series

Stratas Advisors

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Stratas Advisors has recently updated its EV Supply Chain Map Tools, which show databases and maps for active and pending EV Battery Material Mines and EV & EV Battery Manufacturing Plants.

The global mines map features:

  • Over 440 active and pending mining locations for key materials used in EVs and EV batteries, including cobalt, lithium, nickel, graphite, manganese, and copper
  • Over 320 active and pending refining locations for raw materials processing
  • All facilities include key information on location, ownership, and capacity
  • Capacity totals are shown at country level

The global EV/EV battery map features:

  • Over 410 active and pending EV manufacturing plants showing location, ownership, annual production, and models
  • Over 325 active and pending EV battery production plants and over 65 battery recycling plants
  • Capacity totals are shown at country level

Complementary to the Map Tools, Stratas Advisors has created two additional tools to explore annual EV battery production as well as raw materials primary supply across 125+ markets, stretching from 2015 to 2030. Results show a high geographical concentration of mined battery material supply in the early years, though strong EV demand is projected to drive increased volumes from a growing number of markets. Of all materials analyzed, cobalt sees the slowest growth in terms of volume, potentially indicating an immediate need to shift away from cobalt-based battery chemistries. China remains the global leader in battery production and refined product supply throughout the forecast; however, Europe and North America will witness an exponential increase in domestic battery manufacturing, reaching a combined market share of over 45% by the end of the decade. Western markets are also expected to outgrow Asia Pacific in terms of battery recycling, taking up almost two-thirds of the global market by 2030.

The battery and raw material time series tools will be incorporated into Stratas Advisors' data tools in the near future.


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