Executive Suite

Move forward with confidence by finding out what lies ahead. The Executive Suite examines economic, geopolitical and regulatory trends and pinpoints the potential effects for your business ― so expensive surprises won’t derail your strategic goals.

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Executive Dialogue

This series of high-level insights is designed specifically to assist with strategic planning. We dissect trends in macroeconomics, geopolitics and policies, showing you exactly how current affairs will impact your bottom line.


  • Detailed analysis that connects the dots between energy, policy and politics
  • A score-based, country-by-country exploration of risk factors that threaten global crude oil supplies
  • Our outlook for growth in the emerging and developing economies that play the biggest roles in energy markets
  • Deep analysis of potential scenarios for the future energy landscape
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Oil price forecast

Where’s the price of oil heading? You’ll know the answer with our short- and long-term outlooks. A rigorous proprietary methodology results in rock-solid forecasts of global prices for crude oil, natural gas, NGL, refined products and more.


  • Regular forecasts for a variety of products and commodities, evaluated over various time horizons
  • Prices for all the major pricing centers worldwide
  • Detailed analysis of the underlying supply/demand dynamics that form structural relationships with pricing
  • Interactive data tools
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