Services by Oil & Gas Sectors

Stratas Advisors provides membership services that span the entire oil & gas sector: upstream, midstream, downstream and fuel & transportation. Our integrated approach delves into each area individually and also examines the relationships between the segments. Whether you’re looking for the big picture or a snapshot of a particular segment, we have a solution for you.

Oil Derrick

Drill down into the supply side with a ground-level look at the fields, wells and companies involved in exploration and production of oil, gas and NGL. Includes production forecasts as well as economic analysis and updates on operator strategies.


  • Detailed analysis of shale and tight oil resources from North American and global perspectives
  • Global liquids outlook, with consideration of quality attributes
  • Global hydrocarbon supply analysis and forecast
  • GIS add-on packages with valuation maps and company acreage positions
  • Hands-on tools to explore production data and economics
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Transport Pipes

Move into new frontiers spurred by changing supply/demand dynamics coupled with the ongoing investments in transportation of crude oil, NGL and LNG via pipeline, rail and ship. Includes analysis of the links that tie infrastructure and logistics to developments in the upstream and downstream segments.


  • Assessment of infrastructure projects in North America
  • Evaluation of LNG projects and LNG movements from a global perspective
  • Assessment of global pipeline projects
  • Analysis of natural gas supply and demand
  • Price forecasts pertaining to NGL and natural gas
  • Evaluation of regulatory matters that could affect project development
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Refine your strategy and thrive in an environment in which crude oil supply dynamics and product demand trends are structurally evolving. Consider the opportunities and challenges associated with future supply/demand conditions and the impact of imbalances on market conditions and investment decisions.


  • Evaluation of the impact of changing crude and feedstock supplies on the refining sector — including the impact of unconventional resources
  • Assessment and forecast of supply/demand conditions at the global, regional and country levels
  • Analysis of octane and other blending requirements within the context of changing specifications and mix of components
  • Detailed, project-level analysis of refinery-related capital investments
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Fuel and Transport

Accelerate innovation through a comprehensive understanding of policy and regulatory framework pertaining to petroleum-based fuels, biofuels and other alternative fuels – and the related changes in the fuel mix and transportation fleet.


  • Extensive database of current and projected fuel specifications at the country level
  • Regular updates on the impact of regulatory changes on fuel quality and emission reductions
  • Evaluation of comparative economics of alternative fuels
  • Assessment of how vehicle fleets are changing in response to emerging technologies
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