Renewable & Alternative Fuels Offerings

Stratas Advisors is a global consulting and advisory firm that covers the full spectrum of the energy sector and closely linked industries – including transportation. Our integrated approach delves into each area individually and also examines the relationships between the segments. Whether you’re looking for the big picture or a snapshot of a particular segment, we have a solution for you.  Our online subscription services provide access to an innovative portal of timely and relevant analysis, insights, and interactive data tools.

Renewables and Alternatives Matrix


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Renewables and Alternatives

Gain a comprehensive understanding of how global regulatory and market developments pertaining to alternative fuels shape energy, automotive and agricultural markets today and in the future.


  • Deep-dive analyses assessing the market impact of regulatory and market developments, allowing clients to turn threats into opportunities
  • Easy-to-use data tools containing information on alternative fuel production capacity, supply and demand forecasts through 2050, alternative fuel market shares and blending mandates
  • Assessment of emerging production technologies and feedstocks, zooming in on production costs, feedstock availability and regulatory compatibility per region
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