Stratas Advisors Launches New Global Energy Perspectives Service

Energy Perspectives Service

HOUSTON, (March 6, 2017) – To complement its suite of service offerings to the energy and transportation sectors, Stratas Advisors has launched a new service, Global Energy Perspectives, which will serve as an indispensable resource for relevant, reliable and timely analytical analysis across the entire global oil and gas value chain, including renewables.

Global Energy Perspectives’ distinctive approach to market analysis, produced in close collaboration between Stratas Advisors’ forecasting and modeling teams within its various service offerings, delivers meaningful and original insights, as well as in-depth data services, on topical, yet timely and relevant, trends and developments that impact the upstream, midstream, downstream, and fuel and transport sectors so clients can identify opportunities, mitigate risk, validate their business strategy and build a strong market position.

Specifically, subscribers will have exclusive access to:

  • Daily original analysis based on timely assessment of policy, technological and market trends and developments; 
  • Weekly analysis of commodity pricing trends/themes (i.e., crude, natural gas, NGLs, refined products, biofuels);
  • Weekly detailed analysis of refiner crack spreads, throughput analysis and regional (PADD) production and supply dynamics;
  • Quarterly detailed analysis of capital investments across the energy sector;
  • Quarterly Refinery Tracker, which provides a snapshot of global refining project development worldwide;
  • Direct access to our experts; and
  • Interactive tools for custom charting and data downloads.

The service’s interactive charting tools allow users to visualize, explore and export datasets from specific areas of interest, such as:

  • Capacity information by region, country, location, and name and owner/operator of 900+ refineries worldwide;
  • Global supply and demand data on gasoline and middle distillates by regions;
  • Production capacity by region for aviation biofuel, biodiesel, biogas, biomethanol, butanol, DME, ETBE, ethanol (all), ethanol (cellulosic), renewable diesel, renewable gasoline and renewable heating oil;
  • Details on 1,000+ gasification projects worldwide by region, location, production type, and project status;
  • Benzene and sulfur limits for gasoline and diesel in 100 countries;
  • Liquefaction plants; and
  • Regasification plants.

“This service will serve as a valuable one-stop-shop for anyone in the energy and transportation sectors in search of actionable and topical insights spanning the entire energy value chain,” said Bryan Sims, manager of the Global Energy Perspectives service.

About Stratas Advisors

Its global consulting and advisory practice covers energy markets — upstream, midstream and downstream — and related sectors, e.g., automotive, transportation, power, petrochemicals and heavy industries. Its analysts and consultants provide data and strategic insights to businesses and institutions seeking to identify, understand and monitor key drivers shaping development. Forward-looking perspectives help clients leverage opportunities, mitigate risk and implement strategies. Stratas Advisors, a Hart Energy company, is headquartered in Houston with offices in Brussels and Singapore. Learn more about its offerings, here.