Capital Construction Cost Estimates Now Included in Stratas Advisors' North American Shale Infrastructure Service

HOUSTON, March 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Stratas Advisors is pleased to announce that capital construction cost estimates are now part of its North American Shale Infrastructure Service. Subscribers to the online service will be able to anticipate and plan ahead for the energy infrastructure expenditures coming or planned for high-growth U.S. shale producing, consuming and exporting regions.

"We believe that by adding project cost estimates to our service, our subscribers will be able to form a clear picture of midstream shale investment across North America. Our methodologies utilize disclosed project parameters including capacity, location, and other project-specific data.  For instance, in pipelines, the diameter and length of a pipeline has an immediate impact on cost," said Garry Banda, midstream analyst for the global advisory firm's integrated energy logistics services.

The Stratas Advisors North American Shale Infrastructure Service analyzes the infrastructure gaps, capacities and expansion opportunities across the value chain throughout 18 North American shale plays. With certain infrastructure serving the industry in more than one play, Stratas Advisors has bundled integrated North American Shale Infrastructure coverage into six easily accessed and digested quarterly regional shale play infrastructure reports.  Every quarter, subscribers receive an infrastructure Excel-based database of projects and key metadata, including capacity, ownership, timelines, capital costs, and more.

Producers, midstream developers, and downstream processors utilizing the service maximize their shale-related opportunities along the oil, gas, NGL and condensate value chains across North America by subscribing to the North American Shale Infrastructure analyses. Clients also gain access to additional integrated forecasts and global insights that flow from the work underpinned by the North American Shale Service. Stratas Advisors offers global outlooks for the gas, NGL and crude oil logistics and integrated energy fundamentals, including forecasts of supply, demand, worldwide export trade flows, netbacks and downstream margins, benchmark prices and differentials, and more. 

For media interviews with Stratas Advisors in energy and midstream energy logistics, contact Mr. Greg Haas, Director of Integrated Energy, or Mr. Garry Banda, Midstream Analyst. 

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