What's Affecting Oil Prices This Week?

Stratas Advisors Offers Valuable Commentary about Factors Driving the Global Crude Oil Market

Houston, TX (November 17, 2015) – From the cost of a gallon of gasoline to capital expenditure planning – energy and feedstock prices have far-reaching impact. Stratas Advisors, a global consulting and advisory firm, offers a quick weekly look at key factors driving the price of crude oil. Their insights are delivered free via their commentary, “What’s Affecting Oil Prices This Week?

What’s Affecting Oil Prices This Week?” aids energy executives, analysts and banking and finance decision-makers adapting to shifting market forces after last year’s sharp drop in oil prices. Commentary for the week of November 16, 2015 is available. Industry professionals and journalists may sign up to receive the free commentary, delivered via email, each Monday.

Stratas’ experts use historical data to identify the greatest influences on global crude oil prices. They incorporate those factors with economic theory, and statistical relationships to analyze the future direction of prices. The commentary includes an explanation of Stratas Advisors’ rationale for the prediction and an easy-to-understand info-graph illustrating forecast changes in:

  • geopolitical unrest
  • global supply
  • oil demand
  • refinery margins
  • strength of the dollar versus the euro
  • oil trader sentiment

Stratas Advisors also offers subscription services to forecast prices in crude oil, natural gas, NGLs, refined products, base petrochemicals and biofuels. For companies developing strategic plans and investment programs, the Long-Term Price Outlook assesses the next 20 years. The Short-Term Price Outlook aids companies monitoring how global supply/demand and prices will move the next two years. Experts use a “snapshot” from this analysis to help formulate, “What’s Affecting Oil Prices This Week?

For more information, visit WhatsAffectingOilPrices.com. Follow @StratasAdvisors on Twitter, #OilPriceInsight for the weekly commentary.

Media Inquiries
Stratas Advisors' experts are available to answer questions about the global crude oil market and can offer insight to topics across the energy industry’s value chain.  For interview opportunities, please contact media@stratasadvisors.com.

About Stratas Advisors
Stratas Advisors is a global consulting and advisory firm covering the full spectrum of the energy market — upstream, midstream and downstream — and related sectors, such as automotive, transportation, power, petrochemicals and heavy industries. The company also evaluates and assesses the impact of macro-level drivers including geopolitics, macro-economics and energy policies. Experienced Stratas analysts and consultants provide data, analysis and strategic insights to leading businesses, governments and institutions to identify, understand and monitor key drivers that shape future developments. This forward-looking perspective helps clients leverage opportunities, mitigate risks and implement strategies. Stratas Advisors, a Hart Energy company, is based in Houston, Texas and has offices in Brussels and Singapore. For information, visit StratasAdvisors.com.