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Stratas AIM (Automotive Interactive Model)

Stratas AIM allows the user to generate vehicle sales and fleet forecasts across the world, utilizing Stratas Advisors default forecast scenarios as well as user defined scenarios. This web-based model includes historical data and modeled output for the reference scenario developed by Stratas Advisors. Coverage includes light-duty vehicles, medium-duty vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, and motorcycles.

The model generates outputs by considering a range of factors including macroeconomic data, government policies (including mandates and incentives), and country-specific scrappage rates. The model has a user-friendly interactive interface and visualization tools. Please contact us for a demo or more information.


With this service, you receive

  • Historical data and forecasts through 2040 for annual vehicle new registrations and fleet size, segmented by powertrain technology
  • 11 powertrains are covered for 4 vehicle classes including light-duty vehicles, medium-duty vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, and two-wheelers
  • Macroeconomic variables including GDP, population, urbanization, and freight movement, drive new registration forecasts
  • Alternative powertrain penetration driven by vehicle prices, fuel prices and taxes, government policies and incentives, and fuel economy
  • User-modifiable inputs support development of forecast scenarios
  • Default forecasts provide Stratas Advisors’ views
  • Access to analysts and Stratas macroeconomic data updated twice per year
  • The model is available online – no download required!


Who uses this service and how do they use it?

Automotive Manufacturers
Develop powertrain strategies within the context of future market conditions and the competitive landscape.
Understand how the composition of the vehicle fleet will affect future demand for petroleum fuels.
Infrastructure Developers
Pinpoint the locations, companies and projects with the best potential for strong returns.
Suppliers: Parts, Solutions, Material, Machinery and Equipment  Identify opportunities and narrow your list of target markets for sales efforts.
Fleet Operators  Anticipate changes and adapt strategies.
Trading Companies and Financial Institutions Understand market drivers and anticipate opportunities. 
Incorporate into developing efficiency standards and regulatory goals.