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CleanTech and Battery Supply Chains

The CleanTech and Battery Supply Chains service (CBSC) provides in-depth analysis of the supply chains and investments supporting the expansion of electric vehicles and other industries focused on reducing GHG emissions. The data and analysis is designed for clients to easily gain an insightful understanding of these critical industries and the changes they undergo as the global EV and renewables markets develop.

The core focus of CBSC is the global EV battery market supply chain—the knowledge base provided by the service illuminates key trends in the geographic and technological diversification of the EV industry, with end-to-end coverage from the mining of vital minerals to the final assembly of EVs and the types of batteries they will employ. As the largest end-user EV markets in North America and Europe seek to build their domestic industries and diversify supply chains, impacts will be seen across markets, technologies, and competitors. CBSC closely monitors these impacts and delivers the key takeaways to clients along with insights into potential opportunities that may develop as the overall market shifts and expands.

CBSC’s in-depth assessment of the global EV battery supply chain covers every level of the industry:
(Cobalt, Lithium, Nickel, Copper, Silicon, Aluminum, Manganese)
Ore Refining Intermediates Processing
Raw Materials Offtake Agreements EV Battery Assembly EV Assembly 

In addition, CBSC also assesses industry activity by competitor, tracking both physical assets and supply chain integration as well as offtake agreements.