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Interactive Data Tools

Our membership services are accompanied by interactive tools that allow you to explore our data and forecasts by region, by year and by product. You'll also find regularly updated databases of refinery capacity, biofuels production capacity and fuel specifications for more than 150 countries.

These online tools allow us to reach beyond the limitations of static, document-based charts and graphs to deliver dynamic market intelligence that quickly and easily gives you the exact answers you're looking for. View big-picture supply and demand balances; compare regions side-by-side; identify product trends over the short, mid and long term; and, if that's not enough, download our data in Excel format to run additional modeling of your own.

Call up details instantly as you compare regions and products side by side.

Global Refining data tool

See the big picture on fuel specifications and trade flows.

Fuel specs data tool

Make our data your own with only a few mouse clicks.

Biofuels Pricing Outlook

Interactive charting is included with many of our membership services.

Data Tools
Global Biofuels Assessment

Biofuels Production & Capacity Database: Look up information for more than 75 countries.
Renewable Crude Capacity: Renewable intermediate feedstock capacity map and table, distinguished by pathway (fast pyrolysis, hydrothermal liquefaction and Fischer-Tropsch).
Renewable Crude Capacity Time Series. Renewable intermediate feedstock capacity timeseries (2020-2030).

Global Biofuels Outlook Biofuels Pricing: Forecasts for biodiesel, ethanol and feedstocks.
Biofuels Supply & Demand: Regional forecasts for ethanol and biodiesel through 2025.
Global Fuel Specifications Fuel Quality Specifications Database: Country-by-country listings for gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, marine fuel and other fuels.
Global Hydrogen E-Liquids Capacity: H2-derived fuel map and table, distinguished by pathway (Fischer-Tropsch, e-ammonia and e-methanol).  
E-Liquids Capacity Time Series: H2-derived fuel capacity timeseries (2020-2030).             
Global LNG Liquefaction, Regasification & Trade Flows: Regional capacities, with data spanning from 1964 to 2030.
Global Refining & Products Refined Production Supply & Demand: Interactive charts that tell the full story, region by region.
Refinery Capacity: Detailed listings of refinery projects and capacity worldwide.
North American NGL U.S. NGL Supply, Demand & Logistics: Explore five-year trends, PADD by PADD.
North American Oil U.S. and Canadian Midstream: Five-year outlook for crude net inflows, crude production and refinery runs.
North American Shale Production, Acreage & Economics: Forecasts through 2030 by company and by hydrocarbon for 18 plays, plus data for key operators.