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Proactive Decarbonization Strategies

There is growing pressure and incentives for companies across economic sectors and geographic regions to decarbonize their operations and products - and Stratas Advisors can support clients in achieving their decarbonization goals.


Stratas Advisors...

  • Provides robust research and analysis that enables the development of proactive decarbonization strategies that strengthen a client's competitive position
  • Utilizes an integrated and forward-looking approach to mitigate the risk of unintended, negative internal and external consequences.  
  • Monitors relevant policies, regulations, and legislation and assesses the implications 
  • Evaluates the potential of low-carbon alternatives with consideration of critical inputs, technologies, and infrastructure requirements  
  • Helps companies understand current and future economics – including prices, tax regimes, subsidies, and credits  
  • Identifies and assesses decarbonization initiatives within context of future market conditions, competitive landscape, and policy environment with the use of rigorous methodologies and quantitative models 

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