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Stratas Energy Perspectives

The service is focused on empowering industry leaders and decision-makers with strategic insights across the energy sector and related sectors, including transportation. The analytical content is provided in short-form and long-form through our client website. Additionally, the service includes videos, webinars and databases. Clients also have access to data tools, interactive custom charting with ability for data downloads, and mapping tools. Furthermore, clients will have access to analysts and consultants from across the practice areas of Stratas Advisors.

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Energy Snapshots: Covering eight energy-sector categories

  • Macro-Level: Tracks major economic indicators and evaluates their effects on the oil and gas industry.
  • Global Automotive: Provides sales projections of gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles, as well as electric-powered vehicles for critical markets
  • Global Fuel Quality: Gives the latest information about fuel specifications and the value associated with quality – including octane, cetane and reduced sulfur
  • Global Natural Gas: Delivers natural gas price forecasts, regional outlooks and data about imports and exports, including the sources and destinations of LNG volumes
  • Global NGLs: Presents price trends for NGLs, monthly and quarterly LPG forecasts, and import-export projections
  • Global Oil: Forecasts global oil prices, tracks and projects crude production, and offers forward-looking data on oil imports and exports
  • North American Midstream: Tracks and projects oil and natural gas prices and differentials while zeroing in on the major hubs
  • Global Refined Products: Provides a global perspective of gasoline, diesel and heavy fuel oil demand by regions and major markets

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With this service, you receive

Analyses and Insights

  • Assessment of macro-level factors
  • Outlook across the value chain
  • Short-term and long-term perspective

Breaking Developments

  • Macro, market developments, competitive landscape
  • Viewpoint of Stratas Advisors


  • Capacities
  • Capex outlook
  • Supply /demand

Price Forecasts

  • Headline prices
    • Crude
    • Natural gas,
    • NGLS
    • Refined products
    • Biofuels
    • Base petrochemicals
    • Short-term and long-term perspective

Energy Snapshots

  • Macro-Level
  • Global Automotive
  • Global Fuel Quality
  • Global Natural Gas
  • Global NGLs
  • Global Oil
  • North American Midstream
  • Global Refined Products