Global Risk Index

Geopolitical Risk Outlook Service

Dive deeply into national, regional and global affairs and gain critical market intelligence on the risk factors that threaten crude oil supplies and influence future oil prices.

The Geopolitical Risk Outlook is more than just a retelling of current events. We blend both qualitative and quantitative analysis to explore the interrelated financial, economic, security, political and policy issues that are affecting – or are likely to affect – crude oil exports from countries vital to the global economy.

We evaluate the gravity of these issues in several of the highest-risk oil-exporting countries, then tie it all together with a global perspective.

  • Short-term quantitative and qualitative risk forecasts for several key oil-exporting countries threatened by significant instability. A sampling of recent assessments includes Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Russia, Venezuela and Nigeria.
  • Quarterly forecast updates
  • A weighted quantitative risk assessment indicating the significance of these countries to global crude oil supplies
  • Maps of infrastructure at risk due to security-related events

Looking for up-to-the-minute coverage of geopolitical factors affecting the global energy industry? Our Executive Dialogue service provides event-driven assessments of these issues year-round.

  • Thought leadership is provided by independent experts who don't have a hidden agenda.
  • Our proprietary scoring system shows you at a glance how volatile the current geopolitical hot spots really are.
  • Detailed analysis goes beyond the headlines to present a thorough accounting of what is – and isn’t -- likely to happen next.

Who Uses This Service? How Do They Use It?
Oil & Gas Producers, Processors and Marketers Adapt investment and risk management strategies and policies; protect your personnel, assets and portfolio.
Allied Material Suppliers Anticipate and respond to changing market conditions.
Refining, Distribution & Product Sales Understand market conditions that affect feedstocks, supply and pricing.
Traders & Investors Spot potential trade-flow trends and improve hedging strategies.
Governments & Regulatory Agencies Gain insights into the drivers behind foreign government decisions and their implications. Improve your understanding of how regulations – and their unintended consequences – affect markets, and vice versa.
Logistics & Transportation Map out contingencies to avoid potential fuel, supply and budget disruptions