Global Biofuels Assessment

Global Biofuels Assessment Service

Rapidly shifting market drivers are transforming the global biofuels industry. Rising demand, emerging technologies and industry-friendly policies contrast with lowered mandates, technological challenges and feedstock-supply issues. How can you position your company to take advantage of this market in flux?

The Global Biofuels Assessment service provides critical market intelligence that lets you respond nimbly to short-term events as well as plan for the long term.

  • Scope out your strategy: Get robust, unbiased analysis of fundamental market data for conventional and advanced biofuels. 
  • Keep your business compliant: For more than 75 countries, we track and analyze the rules and regulations that drive biofuels policies, markets and technology – and explain the impact of future regulations.
  • Learn about potential opportunities: We monitor current and proposed production capacity, as well as trade flows, and highlight supply and demand issues. 
  • Assess your competition: Know what your rivals are up to. 
  • Broaden your knowledge base: We supplement in-house databases and analyses.

           Who Uses This Service? How Do They Use It?

Biofuel Producers, Marketers, Blenders, Traders

Anticipate changes and strengthen your positions based on the impact of policies and supply/demand dynamics.

Oil Companies

Incorporate intelligence into profit and regulatory compliance goals; identify market niches. 

Suppliers: Aviation, marine, automotive, additives

Target your best prospects by understanding important market drivers.

Automotive Companies

Anticipate and respond to the impact of policy and market on fleet strategies.

Octane Suppliers

Understand market conditions that affect octane-boosting components.

Financial Sector

Pinpoint the best prospects for investments.


Assess biofuels’ impact on the market and role as a feedstock.

Governments and Regulatory Agencies

Improve the efficacy of regulatory and logistical initiatives.

Logistics and Transportation

Capitalize on evolving trade flows.


Narrow your list of best sales prospects.

  • Access to our database of unbiased data and analysis covering 75-plus countries: 
    • Production capacity database by feedstock, location, start date and status
    • Production and consumption
    • Explanation of current supply and demand environment
    • Feedstocks  
    • Tax incentives and fiscal policy  
    • Imports and tariffs  
    • Legislative and regulatory policy
    • Blending limits and specifications
  • Timely, accurate updates about critical global biofuels issues and developments
  • Historical and current supply/demand and exports/imports 
  • Interactive webinars 
  • Direct access to analysts
  • GIS add-on available