Global Fuel Specifications

Global Fuel Specifications Service

Keeping up with changes in transportation fuel specifications and policies is a full-time job. We do it so you don’t have to. 

Our fuel quality team scours myriad sources for data and information to provide a comprehensive view of fuel markets in 150-plus countries. You can rely on our timely analysis and expert guidance for help with: 

  • Regulatory compliance: Understand the framework for your operations.
  • Strategic planning: Identify short- and long-term opportunities and challenges stemming from policy changes. 
  • Capex planning: Position resources to gain advantages. 
  • Competitive assessments: Know what your rivals know. 
  • Supplementing in-house databases and analyses.

         Who Uses This Service? How Do They Use It?

Oil Companies 
Follow sound technical guidelines to implement local, national and regional policies and prepare for market changes.
Anticipate changes in quality and demand.
EPC  Understand the future supply/demand environment and focus on your best prospects.
Automotive Companies
Develop powertrain strategies and fleet projections in the context of future market conditions.
OEM Suppliers and Industry Vendors (additives, octane, materials)
Understand future demand and focus your strategy on the right prospects.
Petrochemical Firms  Assess current and future market opportunities.
Refining Technology Firms  Develop appropriate strategies for refining investments.
Governments and Regulatory Agencies
Improve the efficacy of regulatory and logistical initiatives.

Traders (financial and oil companies)
Anticipate market fluctuations based on changing fuel specs and supply/demand dynamics.
Logistics and Transportation
See what’s coming down the road for fuel-product demand.
Financial Sector

Pinpoint the locations, companies and projects with the best potential for strong returns.




  • Access to an extensive and frequently updated database of fuel specifications for 150-plus countries and a wide range of fuels: gasoline, diesel, ethanol blends, biodiesel blends, ethanol, biodiesel, butanol, CNG, LNG, LPG, DME, methanol, methanol blends, marine, jet, kerosene, fuel oil, additives.
  • Regular updates and analysis on regulatory and policy changes (current and proposed) that drive fuel specs and emission standards; includes assessments of emissions related to transportation (marine, road, air) and fuel efficiencies (current and projected)
  • Impacts of climate and air quality issues on transportation fuel quality
  • Interactive webinars
  • Direct access to our analysts
  • Copy of the Worldwide Fuel Specifications Book
  • Access to our analysts' maps and presentations from industry conferences
  • Available as an add-on: Analysis of fuel additives, including usage, current issues, regulations and a database of additives and suppliers