Global Hydrogen Outlook
Renewable & Alternative Fuels

Global Hydrogen Outlook

The Global Hydrogen Outlook provides an integrated, forward assessment of the hydrogen market from refining and non-refining perspectives across the entire value chain. Analyses and data are delivered through our dedicated web portal in multiple formats including formal and informal analytical content, webcasts, and more.

With this service, you receive

  • Hydrogen demand drivers
    • Macro-factors including GDP, population
    • Regulatory developments
  • Country-level demand
  • Sector-level demand
    • Transportation
    • Refinery-related by application
    • Chemicals by application
    • Fertilizer
    • Energy (including fuel cells)
    • Food processing
    • Other industrial sectors
  • Hydrogen supply by country
    • Production Technology
    • Market share by technology
    • Market share by feedstock
  • Price Forecast and feedstock-based margins
    • Gas based feedstock: NG, Ethane, H2 Prices by region
    • Liquid based feedstock: LPG, NGLs, naphtha, fuel oil, atmospheric/vacuum residue
    • Solid based feedstock: coal, petcoke, biomass
    • Margins Outlook based on Feedstock
  • Distribution and retail
    • Storage and handling
    • Refueling stations
    • Market share by company

Who uses this service and how do they use it?

Refiners/ Petrochemical /Syngas/Industrial
Gases/Food Processing/Energy/Catalyst
Supplier/Reforming Technology Providers
Assess markets for H2; understand the impact of feedstock quality; develop long-range strategies; evaluate your competition.
Transportation/Fuels Companies & Vehicle
Understand fuel supply and demand and the impact on fuel cost.
Engineering/Technology Firms/EPC Identify future markets.
Equipment Suppliers & Service Operators Anticipate market conditions that could cause your clients to shift strategy.
Midstream Operators  Gain a comprehensive overview of Natural Gas, LPG and NGLs supply, demand and quality.
Upstream Operators H2 demand impact on Crude oil demand by quality.
Lubricant/Additive Suppliers Target efforts toward the best prospects.
Pipeline/Tanker Fleet Transport Services Anticipate demand for your services.
Investors and Financial Planners Use market intelligence for portfolio evaluation. 
Government Develop energy strategies and assess energy security.