Global LNG
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Global LNG Service

Our Global LNG service enables clients to quickly digest data and trends and act on the growing global LNG market. Supported by extensive databases and analytical models, this service clarifies the current industry situation, provides projections for the future and identifies the related opportunities and risks. Analyses and data are delivered through our dedicated web portal in multiple formats including formal and informal analytical content, podcasts, webcasts, and more. Clients also have access to data tools, interactive custom charting with ability for data downloads, and mapping tools.

With this service, you receive

  • Global and region-by-region LNG capacity forecasts to 2030 for liquefaction and regasification
  • Facility assessment and handicapping across numerous defined metrics, along with our evaluation rationale
  • Projected long- and short-term pricing for Henry Hub, NBP and Japan LNG
  • Listing of all current contracts based on provider, time, scale and facility
  • Historical LNG consumption and trade data
  • Access to a database of LNG terminal profiles
  • LNG shipping outlook, forecasting future charter rates
  • Projected future flows of LNG from terminals to key target markets
  • Regular updates and analysis on current topics of interest in the LNG market 
  • Mapping tools and interactive tools for custom charting and data downloads
  • Direct access to analysts

Who uses this service and how do they use it?

LNG Startups & Entrepreneurial Ventures Identify key trends; understand the future potential flow of LNG and ideal markets; gain detailed data on plants; review the role that shipping and its future costs will play in the flow of LNG.
LNG Vendors & Service Companies Pinpoint the projects that have a realistic chance of moving forward; understand market potential and make better capital planning choices.
Midstream Operators: MLPs, Processing Operators, Pipeline Firms  Spot true market opportunities; assess potential gaps and opportunities to develop new infrastructure.  
Upstream Operators: Smaller, Natural Gas-Focused Producers Identify new market opportunities for producers of low-cost natural gas; assess potential competition and price of LNG supplies in various regions.
Project Developers
Understand the future supply/demand environment and the underlying economics pertaining to investments.
Natural Gas Marketers
Determine the best strategy for securing outlets for supplies in light of demand growth and logistical requirements.
Industry Consumers & Utilities Determine the best strategy for securing future supplies, including negotiating and contracting.
LNG Transporters
Understand the future requirements for moving LNG between regions and the associated shipping rates.
Policy-Makers & Influencers Prepare better-informed regulations and initiatives based on data and industry fundamentals.
Investors, Bankers, Private Equity Firms, Financial Analysts Make effective strategic decisions based on which projects will move forward; understand LNG’s role in regional energy mixes.