Global NGL
Integrated Oil & Gas

Global NGL Service

Our Global NGL service provides an integrated assessment of NGLs that covers ethane, propane, butane and C5+. The NGL supply/demand patterns, trade flows and infrastructure investments are analyzed along with the linkages to the refining and petrochemical sectors. Analyses and data are delivered through our dedicated web portal in multiple formats including formal and informal analytical content, podcasts, webcasts, and more. Clients also have access to data tools, interactive custom charting with ability for data downloads, and mapping tools.

With this service, you receive

  • Comprehensive forecasts including supply, demand and import/export balances from a regional perspective and for key countries
  • Benchmark price forecasts for NGL-related prices at key regional hubs
  • Tracking and analysis of NGL logistical and processing infrastructure, including pipelines, fractionators, de-ethanizers, ethylene crackers, condensate stabilizers and splitters, marine export terminals and more
  • Analysis of shifting NGL fundamentals and emerging risks and rewards 
  • Interactive  mapping and charting tools for custom charting and data downloads
  • Year-round coverage of topics of interest to the NGL industry, including trade flows
  • Direct access to analysts