Global Refining

Global Refining & Products Service

For years, our Global Refining & Products service and its annual global outlook have been the definitive guide to the downstream landscape. Clients use our indispensable level of detail about refining and refined products to:

  • Develop dependable forecast scenarios for strategic planning based on AspenTech’s PIMS model.
  • Assess the global supply and demand environment through comprehensive independent analysis and forecasts.
  • Understand the impact of renewable fuels and fuel quality on the refining industry.
  • Identify supply & demand imbalances through our global fuel distribution projections, trade flows and product quality outlook.
  • Maximize business development efforts and investment decisions by keeping track of refinery projects and expansions using our capacity database.

And the best is yet to come. Far more than just an annual update, we provide enhanced year-round coverage of supply/demand dynamics and relevant developments in crude oil production, feedstock availability and petrochemicals. We also broadened our forecast time horizons to allow for more detailed short- and medium-range projections.

We expanded this service to better help you quickly identify – and capitalize on – upcoming market opportunities. There’s never been a better time to put our expertise to work for you.

  • Global and regional projections for petroleum product demand, refinery capacity, throughput and blending over the next 20 years
  • Access to our extensive refinery capacity database and to our supply/demand database, which is searchable by region, country, fuel type, sulfur level and year
  • Analysis of crude oil and NGL supply and quality
  • Regional forecasts for refining margins and utilization (crude distillation, conversion units and upgrading units) presented year-by-year through 10 years and afterward at five-year intervals through 2035. Includes quarterly forecast updates that provide projections for the next eight quarters.
  • Detailed capacity outlook by process type such as reforming, FCC and coking
  • Assessments of interregional crude oil and product trade flows
  • Assessments of petrochemicals, including olefins and aromatics
  • Distillate supply and demand forecasts by product segment such as on-road, off-road and agriculture
  • Outlooks for pricing and economics as well as the influence of renewable fuels, fuel quality changes and octane requirements on product demand
  • Topical analyses published year-round to cover key developments affecting the downstream business climate
  • Direct access to our experts
  • Interactive tools for custom charting and data downloads
  • Mapping add-ons available: Natural Gas Transportation & Processing; Liquids Transportation & Processing; Ethanol & Biodiesel Refineries

  • State-of-the-art proprietary linear programming models provide time-tested, highly accurate forecasts.
  • With a presence in Europe, Asia and the Americas, our team of downstream experts has an unmatched level of global expertise.
  • Thorough region-by-region assessments ensure you know exactly what to expect in terms of global fuel distribution, trade flows and product quality.
  • Projections for petrochemicals, GTL, CTL and biofuels keep you up-to-date and ready for the next wave of product and fuel trends.

Interactive charting tools let you visualize, explore and export supply, demand and capacity data to zero in on specific areas of interest.

Product Supply & Demand

GRP supply and demand

Refined Product Outlook

GRP product outlook

Crude Outlook

GRP crude oil outlook


GRP capacity

Who Uses This Service? How Do They Use It?
Downstream Companies/Refiners Assess markets for refined products; understand the impact of crude oil quality; develop long-range strategies; evaluate your competition.
Transportation/Fuels Companies & Vehicle Manufacturers Understand fuel supply and demand and the impact on fuel quality.
Midstream Operators Evaluate impact of NGL on refining; assess markets for refined products; understand the impact of crude oil quality.
Petrochemical Companies Incorporate market intelligence on feedstock.
Lubricant/Additive Suppliers  Target efforts toward the best prospects. 
Pipeline/Tanker Fleet Transport Services Anticipate demand for your services. 
Investors and Financial Planners Use market intelligence for portfolio evaluation.
Government Develop energy strategies and assess energy security.
Upstream Operators Gain a comprehensive overview of crude oil supply, demand and quality. 
Engineering/Technology Firms Identify future markets.