Long-term oil price forecast
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Long-Term Outlook Service

The impact of future energy prices ripples across the oil & gas value chain – and the broader global economy, too. Having a clear vision of what lies ahead is critical for long-range planning and strategic positioning. The Long-Term Price Outlook service assesses the next 20 years and tells you when to expect price dips and surges. It’s the perfect complement to any of our membership services, with forecasts not just for crude oil and natural gas, but NGL, refined products, biofuels and more. Analyses and data are delivered through our dedicated web portal in multiple formats including formal and informal analytical content, podcasts, webcasts, and more. Clients also have access to data tools, interactive custom charting with ability for data downloads, and mapping tools.

With this service, you receive

  • Year-by-year price forecasts for crude oil, natural gas, NGL, refined products, base petrochemicals and biofuels, evaluated over the next 20 years
  • Prices for all the major pricing centers worldwide
  • Assessments of the underlying supply/demand dynamics and forecasts
  • Interactive tools for custom charting and data downloads
  • Direct access to analysts

Who uses this service and how do they use it?

Upstream Operators
Pinpoint opportunities and adapt long-range plans.
Refiners Position yourself to take advantage of future supply/demand patterns and price conditions.
Infrastructure Developers
Identify upcoming gaps between supply, logistics and demand and the impact on future price differentials.
Equipment Suppliers & Service Providers
Anticipate market conditions that could cause your clients to shift strategy.
Logistics and Transportation
Map out contingencies to avoid potential disruptions from changing fuel prices.
Traders & Financial Institutions
Understand key price drivers and anticipate opportunities.
Energy & Feedstock Consumers Get input for sourcing strategies and business planning.