North American Shale Infrastructure

Stratas Advisors analyzes the infrastructure challenges and opportunities across the value chain throughout 18 North American shale plays. No two shale plays are alike. And because some infrastructure serves production in more than one play, we have packaged our integrated infrastructure coverage into 6 easily accessed and digested quarterly regional shale play infrastructure reports.  We also provide an infrastructure excel-based database of projects, developers, timelines, capacity, region, play, and commodity, and facility type.  Each quarter, subscribers receive access to six updated and integrated cross-commodity analyses of upstream, midstream and downstream growth prospects and infrastructure options for natural gas, oil, condensate, and NGLs. Producers, Midstream developers, and downstream processors can maximize shale-related opportunities beyond the well head by subscribing to our midstream infrastructure analyses.

  • Contextualize the constraints: Understand where production is going on a play-by-play basis to see the gaps or excesses in announced infrastructure capacities.
  • Understand the differentials: Competitive assessments show you which regions have adequate infrastructure to minimize differentials and maximize netbacks.
  • Anticipate the future: Adjust your investment strategy based on production and infrastructure capacity forecasts by basin and by hydrocarbon type.
  • GIS mapping add-ons: Available for infrastructure by type and region.

Pipeline, Rail and Marine Operators 

Visualize the future supply/demand environment and pinpoint logistics opportunities.
Upstream Natural Gas Producers
Understand and capitalize on market demand.
Refiners & Processors
Anticipate volumes and changes in demand. 
Trading and Commodity Traders
Stay ahead of your competition with crucial market intelligence, including flow rates to or from gas-intensive infrastructure connected to FERC-regulated interstate pipelines. 
Equipment Vendors & Lessors; Process Licensors
Identify opportunities and target the best prospects.
Financial Sector: Banking, Research and Investors 
Evaluate portfolios and pinpoint opportunities.
Governments and Member Associations
Make well-informed decisions about energy strategies, energy security and long-range plans.
Engineering & Construction Firms
Understand the future supply/demand environment and identify the best project contracting prospects.


  • Comprehensive capacity and infrastructure monitoring service offers timely, consistent and independent analysis to help you identify domestic or export constraints and projects.
  • Subscribers gain access to analysis for all major classes of infrastructure across shale-related hydrocarbon commodities in the highest growth oil and gas region of the world.
  • Proprietary databases for North America's shale infrastructure continually updated and made available four times throught the year. 
  • Access to experienced analysts included with each annual service subscription.

  • Comprehensive infrastructure analysis by region across the oil & gas sector value chain that affords a comprehensive and integrated view of facilities and capacities that seek to connect shale producers and suppliers with trading hubs and demand centers.
  • Analysis and project database for key demand side and export projects that will monetize the sustainable wealth of natural gas, oil, condensate and NGL supply from North America’s shale resources.
  • Tracking and analysis of key field and market access logistics inclding processing infrastructure, pipelines, fractionators, export terminals and more.
  • Excel workbook with data updated each quarter.
  • GIS add-on available.