North American Refining & Products Service

Nowhere has unconventional crude oil production had more of an effect on the downstream sector than in North America. Refiners are adapting to an unprecedented wave of domestic supply that has shifted crude quality – and will continue to affect margins, capital planning and product disposition for years to come.

Zero in on this key region with North American Refining & Products, a standalone service that builds upon the comprehensive regional information from our Global Refining & Products service. We deliver a bottom-up analysis of U.S. and Canadian supply and demand variables that drive optimum economic distribution of domestic and imported crude oils and the resulting utilization of domestic refining capacity.

Our state-of-the-art integrated refinery/distribution model examines data across each U.S. Petroleum Administration for Defense District (PADD), pinpointing potential strategic issues through close examination of PADD-level interactions between:

  • Changing crude oil supply and quality
  • Product demand and quality trends
  • Refinery capacity
  • Regional refinery fuel costs
  • Distribution capacity and costs
  • Regional refinery economics

  • Research featuring our proprietary modeling technique with an integrated refining and logistics linear program that provides for economic optimization of refined product production
  • PADD-level analysis, observations and conclusions, as well as tie-ins with Canada, Mexico and other import/export markets
  • Annual and quarterly forecasts of refining margins and utilization (distillation, conversion and upgrading) for the region and at the PADD level
  • Regional domestic market demands for petroleum products
  • Refinery configurations, processing capacity constraints and product quality concerns
  • Regional and imported crude oil supply volumes, qualities and delivered prices
  • Crude imports and product imports/exports as required to balance supply and demand
  • Direct access to analysts
  • Interactive tools for custom charting and data downloads
  • Mapping add-ons available: Natural Gas Transportation & Processing; Liquids Transportation & Processing

  • We develop forecasts from an integrated perspective, taking into account production from conventional and unconventional sources, logistical developments and capital projects pertaining to refining and petrochemicals.
  • State-of-the-art proprietary linear programming models provide time-tested, highly accurate projections.
  • Thorough regional and sub-regional assessments ensure you know exactly what to expect in terms of fuel distribution, trade flows and product quality in North American markets.

Interactive charting tools let you visualize, explore and export supply, demand and capacity data to zero in on specific areas of interest.

Refined Product Outlook

NAR product outlook 


NAR capacity

Who Uses This Service? How Do They Use It?
Downstream Companies/Refiners Establish the economic basis for refinery utilization, capacity investments and development of export/import strategies.
Midstream Companies Position resources to capitalize on evolving supply and demand variables.
Upstream Operators Secure more favorable netbacks by leveraging a greater understanding of projected regional supply/demand fundamentals.
Petrochemical Companies Incorporate supply/demand and capacity data into planning.
Engineering/Technology Firms Identify the best prospects for your services.
Transportation/Fuels Companies Anticipate the impact of supply/demand challenges on fleet composition and fuel quality issues.
Government Improve the efficacy of regulatory, policy and agenda initiatives.
Financial Sector  Pinpoint companies and market sectors with the best potential for strong returns and low risk.