North American Shale

North American Shale Service

Explore North America’s unconventional oil and gas opportunities with our comprehensive analysis of the top shale plays in the U.S. We provide a big-picture perspective on current industry trends and activity by top operators. We then dive deeper to give you an in depth analysis on play-specific activity, well counts, production forecasts and economics. 

Our North American Shale Service empowers you with multiple layers of data, insight and intelligence so you can: 

  • Identify the opportunities: Learn about North America's most active plays and their maturity levels.
  • Understand the playing field: Know what companies are aggressively involved in the shale plays and their current strategies. 
  • Leverage the data: Capitalize on the data behind each shale play, including company acreage, geologic productivity, operator information, play-wide and operator-level production forecasts by hydrocarbon type.
  • Look to the future: Adjust your strategy based on our in-depth knowledge of the oil & gas sector and our detailed production forecasts.

E&P Operators 

Incorporate production data, economics and competitor intelligence to benchmark your operations. 
Midstream Operators
Identify opportunities and issues based on production data.
Financial Sector  Understand the drivers behind activity and assess potential deals. 
Service Sector
Learn whose production activities are growing and understand operational and technology trends. 
Downstream Companies (refiners and petrochemical firms)
Develop a strategy for securing supply and understand the impact on future quality.
International E&P Companies 
Understand where the North American opportunities are and identify potential targets.
Industry and Government Agencies
Apply intelligence to identify and address issues in the oil and gas sector.


  • Competitive Analyses: Find out which strategies are working for your competition, and identify opportunities of your own.
  • Play Roll-ups: Explore each major North American play through a series of regularly updated reports that cover:
    • Operator Acreage: Get a detailed look at current acreage positions of public operators and any acquisitions or divestitures
    • Geology: Dive below ground for a breakdown of each play’s structure, identifying the core areas and the next hot spots
    • Company Activity: Review current strategies of major operators
    • Production Forecasts: View interactive forecasts by operator and hydrocarbon type
  • Economics and Production Model Add-On Available: Explore a fully interactive and functional Excel-based model for determining well-level and play-level economics, breakeven analysis, and type curves associated with our production and drilling campaign forecasts
  • GIS Add-on Available: See maps of valuation and acreage.
  • Topical Analyses: Take an in-depth look at critical issues affecting plays and companies.