On-site visits

On-site Visits

Sometimes, a personal touch speaks volumes. Armed with expert perspectives and a wealth of industry knowledge, our team of analysts is available to come to your location for:

  • Speaking engagements
  • One-on-one consultations
  • Leadership presentations
  • Educational workshops
  • Training assistance

Tailor our visits to cover the topics and issues that are of particular interest to your business, whether you need a closed-door session to discuss high-level strategy, a brainstorming meeting to talk market risks and opportunities, or anything in between.


  • Direct access to analysts with expertise that spans all sectors of the oil & gas value chain
  • In-depth research, analysis and discussion of niche factors that are of particular interest to your business
  • Opportunity for Q&A, addressing the issues that concern you the most
  • Decision-making advice and guidance for leadership teams
  • Educational workshops and training for your staff on matters that affect their day-to-day work

Our experts are available to travel to any location around the world. To learn more, please email us.