Environmental Sustainability in Oil and Energy Scorecards
Energy, Transportation, and Environment

Policy Assessment & Ratings

Around the world, governments are implementing policies to increase environmental sensibility at all points in the energy and transportation value chain. How those policies are implemented will affect any meaningful outcomes. Stratas Advisors’ Policy Assessment & Ratings - Energy, Transportation, and Environment provides ratings for each element and overall scores for countries around the world, based on their policy initiatives and follow through in four key areas – alternative vehicles, low carbon fuels, fuel specifications, and greenhouse gas emissions – and the data to support it, both in policy aspects and quantitative outcomes. Clients can access the scorecards through our dedicated web portal and will have access to download the data as well as interact with Stratas Advisors analysts in each of the content areas.

With this service, you receive

  • Analyst ratings for the pressing environmental issues affecting the oil, energy, and transportation industries for top countries around the world
  • Historical, current, and forecast data to support analyst ratings in alternative vehicle sales, low carbon fuels demand, fuel specification compliance, and carbon dioxide reductions associated with greenhouse gas policy
  • Detailed written analysis to provide a qualitative context for the data
  • Direct access to Stratas Advisors analysts and experts

Who uses this service and how do they use it?

Oil Companies
Follow sound technical guidelines to implement local, national and regional policies and prepare for market changes.
Automotive Manufacturers
Develop powertrain strategies within the context of future market conditions and the competitive landscape.
Biofuel Producers, Marketers, Blenders, Traders
Anticipate changes and strengthen your positions based on the impact of policies and supply/demand dynamics. 
Alternative Fuel Producers, Marketers, Blenders, Traders
Identify trends and opportunities; act on policy changes and regulations; and assess the competition.
Understand how the environmental policy will affect future demand for petroleum fuels.
Infrastructure Developers
Pinpoint the locations, companies, and projects with the best potential for strong returns.
Suppliers: Parts, Solutions, Material, Machinery, and Equipment
Identify opportunities and narrow your list of target markets for sales efforts.
Trading Companies and Financial Institutions
Understand market drivers and anticipate opportunities.
Incorporate into developing environmental standards and regulatory goals.
Refining Technology Firms
Develop appropriate strategies for refining investments.