Refinery Competitiveness & Rationalization
Integrated Oil & Gas

Refining Competitiveness & Rationalization Assessment

A global assessment of the refinery sector and individual refineries in terms of relative competitiveness and rationalization risk that leverages the knowledge-base that supports our Global Refining & Products service, our proprietary Refinery Competitiveness Tool, and our market forecasts that take into account government policies, evolution of the transport sector, and the role of alternative and renewable fuels.

The assessment provides the following:

  • Analysis of the structural attractiveness of individual refineries and financial performance
  • Comparison of refinery competitiveness with rankings to showcase the refineries that are at the greatest risks
  • Results by country, by company and by refinery

Furthermore, the assessment includes access to our Refinery Competitiveness Tool and associated database, which allows users to gain additional insights pertaining to the refining sector and individual refineries, as well as the positioning of companies’ refining portfolios.

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Our Refining Assessment Approach

 Current Assessment

 Arrow facing right, with refinery graphic

Forward-looking Assessment

 Refinery Configuration & Structural Attractiveness Complexity Crude Supply Outlook  

Required refining investments or closures to align with future demand, penetration of alternative fuels and the competitive landscape

Competition Oil Demand Outlook
Integration Competitive Landscape
Specs Alignment Refining Economics
Niche Products
Operating Costs

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Sample Chart

Extra layer of analysis implemented on those refineries at risk

Sample Charts

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