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Short-Term Outlook Service

Price volatility is here to stay and our short-term pricing outlooks help companies succeed in an uncertain future. The Short-Term Price Outlook service helps companies plan for the future as well as monitor and respond to market developments to stay ahead of competitors. With monthly and quarterly price and fundamental forecasts available over multiple time horizons your team will always know where prices are heading. A rigorous proprietary methodology underlies our nearly 500 individual price and margin forecasts available across all major geographies. Our dedicated web portal delivers analyses and data in multiple formats including written analytical content, webcasts, and more. Clients also have access to data tools, interactive custom charting data download capabilities, and mapping tools. 


With this service, you receive

  • Monthly price forecasts for crude oil, natural gas, NGL, refined products, petrochemicals and biofuels, evaluated over the next 24 months with quarterly updates. Over 450 prices in total.
  • Prices for all major pricing centers worldwide
  • Assessments of the underlying supply/demand dynamics and forecasts
  • Assessments of geopolitical and macroeconomic events that influence short-term prices
  • Interactive tools for custom charting and data downloads
  • Direct access to analysts

With this service, you will receive access to the following interactive data tools

  • Global Macro Quarterly & Monthly Indicators
  • Global Automotive & Evs Sales Forecast
  • Global Fundamentals By Region & Country Forecast
  • Global Spot Prices & Differentials Forecast
  • Global Crack Spread & Refining Margins Forecast
  • Global Retail Price & Components Forecast
  • Global Energy Trade & Freight Rate Forecast
  • Global Refinery Outage & Run Rate Forecast

STO Data Tool Short Version

Who uses this service and how do they use it?

Upstream Operators
Respond nimbly to market volatility.
Refiners Maximize margins and spot opportunities.
Infrastructure Developers
Identify opportunities resulting from fluctuations higher up and farther down the energy value chain.
Equipment Suppliers & Service Providers
Anticipate market conditions that could cause your clients to shift strategy.
Logistics and Transportation
Map out contingencies to avoid potential disruptions from changing fuel prices.
Traders & Financial Institutions
Understand key price drivers and anticipate opportunities.
Energy & Feedstock Consumers Get input for sourcing and hedging programs.