Energy Perspectives Service


StratasScope is a data and data-visualization tool kit.  The core product is comprised of well location, well attribute, completion, and production databases for the United States, and pre-made visualization templates in Tableau.

Well data is sourced from permit applications and permit approvals, drilling reports, completion reports, well tests, and production reports filed with states and other regulators.  Stratas also collects and processes data from third party sources including FracFocus.  All data collected is further reviewed, cleaned, and enhanced to meet quality standards.  Stratas employs proprietary tools and methods, created in-house, to ensure consistent application of quality standards. 

StratasScope databases contain data on permit applications, permitted wells, wells drilled, wells completed, wells on production, and abandoned wells. Types of data provided with StratasScope include identification, permit type, status, location and geo-location, well type, trajectory, operator, service companies, key dates (permit, spud, completion, 1st production, etc.), footage, drilling, proppant, completion fluid, gel, and more.  Monthly production figures for oil, condensate (where available), natural gas, and produced water are included.  Also included are estimates of potential production for methane, ethane, propane, butanes, pentanes, and others based on wellhead production and other resources. StratasScope also has additional proprietary data, including calculated values and tools designed to enhance analytics.

Additionally, StratasScope consists of pre-fabricated visual templates designed to work with the aforementioned data.  StratasScope templates are currently provided for Tableau software.  Clients are free to use the pre-made templates as is, augment the templates with additional functionality, or use alternative tools at their discretion.  Stratas may change and add to templates over time with changing business conditions.

Production data is updated on a monthly basis.  Other well data is updated at least monthly.   Revisions to any templates will be provided when monthly production data is refreshed.  Clients will have unfettered access to all previously published data and visual tools.

With this service, you receive

  • Cleaned and enhanced locations database, which includes wells captured from various state data sources, third party data providers, and proprietary data created by Stratas Advisors
  • Cleaned and enhanced well-level production database, which consists of production data comprised of monthly production streams for oil, condensate (where available), natural gas, water and estimated breakouts of NGLs by detailed products
  • Databases that contain wells that contributed to production on or after January, 2000
  • Pre-fabricated visualization templates in Tableau
  • Guided sessions making use of StratasScope to identify insights in real-time
  • Direct access to analysts