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Integrated Oil & Gas


StratasScope is a data and data visualization product that focuses on oil and gas assets. It includes location and descriptive information on United States oil and gas related wells. Descriptive information includes permit, spud, and completion data, as well as proprietary data fields. Monthly production streams for each production well are also included. All StratasScope data is housed on the cloud with pre-built views in Tableau Server for easy accessing.

Permit, as well as production and other data, is sourced from state filings. Stratas Advisors also collects and processes data from other public sources including government and third parties to fill out the dataset. With more than 4 million wells and hundreds of data fields per well, StratasScope is comprehensive. A proprietary set of code is employed to ensure data is treated consistently across geographies and through time. This code ensures all collected data is organized, cleaned and structured in a standardized, consolidated database that can be viewed through a browser. Consequently, StratasScope is easy to navigate and use.

StratasScope is designed to ease the burdens of analyzing oil and gas assets. The product enables subscribers to evaluate oil and gas assets spatially, temporally, and comparatively. Dynamic dashboards facilitate quick screening of plays, subplays, wells, operators, trends, and inflection points. Understanding the who’s, what’s, when’s, how’s, and why’s of exploration and development is paramount to optimized decision-making for both industry and investment professionals. Hence, StratasScope is effective.

With this service, you receive

  • Well-level data with hundreds of data points per well, including proprietary data, on over 4 million US wells (Alaska and Gulf of Mexico included)
  • Well-level data includes descriptive information including location, operator, spud, completion, and production characteristics, among others
  • Monthly production for oil, gas, and field condensate where available by well for all wells that have contributed to production beginning from January 2000
  • Data is accessible via common browser with a StratasScope subscription and is easily downloadable to common software including Excel
  • Access to pre-configured views through secure private domain
  • Ready-made views enable quick review of selected oil and gas assets
  • Pre-configured views are easily editable and shareable in a secure environment
  • Ability to create custom views and dashboards with complete control on access
  • Technical and subject matter support from Stratas experts