Sustainable Fuel Programs
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Sustainable Fuel Programs

Government policies and associated regulations have long been a major influence on the energy and transportation sectors. This influence is only expected to increase because of the growing environmental concerns of governments and individuals – especially with respect to greenhouse gas emissions.  Within this context, Stratas Advisors is helping large consumers of fuels to develop sustainable fuel programs (for all transportation modes – rail, marine, air and road)


Customizing a sustainable program

The design and implementation of the sustainable fuel programs include  appropriate guidelines and policies that are aligned with the following:

  • Future regulatory framework and market fundamentals
  • Leading practices
  • Specific attributes of relevant countries – including competing social needs

Developing policies that address deficiencies and gaps

The guiding objective is to develop and implement policies that address deficiencies and gaps and achieve real results, while minimizing unintended consequences.

One of the key outputs is a fuel prioritization matrix that considers the following attributes:

  • Application of the fuel
  • Impact on life-cycle
  • CO2 emissions
  • Current and future available market volumes
  • Cost impact
  • Impact on other emissions

Defining a performance management structure

Stratas Advisors can also define the appropriate performance management structure that encompasses the following dimensions:

  • Methods for capturing, analyzing and reporting data
  • Framework for ensuring confidence in fuel sources
  • Approach for monitoring and assessing external developments and associated implications