Texas Infrastructure Service

Texas Infrastructure Service

Featured Monthly Analysis - Click to DownloadThe TEXIS service provides an integrated assessment of forecast growth for the fast-moving Texas oil, gas and NGL production industry versus the expansion of infrastructure to absorb new production with local demand or takeaway infrastructure. The service allows subscribers to spot future periods when gaps in takeaway or demand could pressure prices within the unconventional field producing regions of Texas. To anticipate potential price-crushing constraints in local demand or takeaway infrastructure amid burgeoning production from the Permian, Eagle Ford and nearby Texas shale gas plays, clients have access to analytical posts and insights, embedded data tools, interactive custom charting and convenient data and image download capabilities. Analyses and data are accessed through our dedicated web portal in multiple formats including formal and informal analytical content.

With this service, you receive

  • Quarterly and periodic forecast updates of future fullstream energy infrastructure investments and capacity requirements with emphasis on the Texas onshore unconventional plays
  • Cross-commodity year-round coverage of the high-growth Texas upstream, midstream, downstream and export industry.
  • Forward-looking analyses that pinpoint emerging risks to the supply-side and field pricing and rewards for takeaway or demand-side infrastructure.
  • Graphical representations of future forecasts to identify gaps between hydrocarbon field supply, demand and takeaway infrastructure capacity.
  • Infrastructure project analyses and database for the Permian Basin, Eagle Ford and Texas gas-rich shale plays.
  • Contextual forecasts and analyses of fullstream infrastructure and production in competing U.S. shale regions that allow users to spot relative constraints which could shift producer capital to or from Texas shale plays.  
  • Takeaway infrastructure coverage includes field processing, pipelines, fractionators, de-ethanizers, condensate stabilizers and splitters, and related pre-consumption facilities.
  • Demand infrastructure considered in the regional balance includes large consumers such as refineries, petrochemical plants, gas-fired power plants and more.    
  • Export terminals are evaluated at the Texas coasts to illustrate offshore demand market access capacities.
  • Interactive charting tools for custom charting and data downloads.
  • Ability to obtain pre-paid Stratas Coins to purchase priority direct access to Stratas Advisors analysts for long or short term consulting and advisory assistance.