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Stratas Advisors

Chemical engineering

Biodiesel has generated worldwide enthusiasm as an environmentally friendly alternative fuel, attracting a diverse range of stakeholders that includes governments, fuel and chemical producers, auto and engine manufacturers, petroleum refiners and end-users themselves. As such, an international trade association saw an opportunity to educate its members about the economic and environmental benefits of biodiesel.

The trade association envisioned a primer that covered everything from what, exactly, biodiesel is, to best practices for its use. Our team of experts developed this guide in close collaboration with the association, blending its specific expertise with our own extensive Fuel & Transportation databanks and research. The final product not only provided technical information about biodiesel and how it’s produced, but also outlined public policy initiatives promoting biodiesel, as well as international biodiesel quality standards and warranty issues for diesel engines and vehicles.

The association distributed the primer to its members and to other stakeholders, demonstrating its ability to provide timely, comprehensive information. The primer also allowed the association to expand its educational outreach while supporting its ultimate goal of promoting clean energy resources.
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