July 24, 2019

Refinery Sulfur Recovery: Market Analysis (2019-2040)

Stratas Advisors

Stratas Advisors has updated its SRU (Sulfur Recovery Unit) market analysis. Global sulfur production from refinery units was 103 thousand tons per day (KTPD) in January 2019. The Asia and North America regions have relatively high sulphur-recovery unit capacities: 35.7 and 35.2 KTPD, respectively.

Stratas Advisors’ Global Refining Products’ database has extensive information about refineries, including data about expansion and modernization projects.

The following chart informs the upcoming and announced SRU capacities of each region. Stratas Advisors expects the most stringent policies in terms of sulfur content for transportation fuel (50 & 10 ppm) to be widely implemented in the Russia & CIS region, vast parts of Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Apart from transportation fuel specifications, production of low sulfur fuel oil (<0.5% S) to meet IMO 2020 regulations is also pushing refiners to make upgrades. Upcoming SRU project capacities of Asia and the Middle East are 4.9 and 4.5 thousand tons per day, respectively.

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