October 11, 2019

Another Tanker Struck

Early Friday, October 11 a new attack reportedly took place against an oil tanker in the Middle East. After the attacks on Saudi and Emirati oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz and the attacks on Saudi Aramco's major installations, it is now an Iranian oil tanker that appears to have been targeted. The tanker suffered an explosion in the Red Sea, approximately 95km from the Saudi Arabian port of Jeddah.

According to the National Iranian Oil Company, the operator administering the Iranian tankers, the Sabiti oil tanker’s explosion is not accidental but is likely due to two missile strikes on the hull of the boat. The incident caused a leak of oil but all the crew members are safe according to the statement of the National Iranian Oil Company.

Although the attack has not been completely confirmed, this is not unexpected. As discussed in our recent note Oil Infrastructure Attacks Likely to Continue the stage is set for further tit-for-tat attacks in the Gulf region.

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