North American Shale

Enhanced Shale Service

The Enhanced Shale Service delivers timely and actionable research, analysis, and outlooks on the upstream oil and gas industry, with a particular focus on North America. The service delivers both recurring and ad hoc products relevant to near- and long-term prospects for industry professionals and followers. Recurring products include annual resource assessments, quarterly forecasts, and monthly activity reports. Special reports cover topical subjects of importance to staying abreast of the upstream sector including emerging plays and technology, as well as, global developments that could impact North America oil and gas. 

Shale is a focus to the service. As such, all major unconventional resource plays are researched extensively. Stratas maintains tabs on play and operator activities, notable trends and changes that could impact well performance or play prospects, and various financial factors that could impact the industry. Notably, Stratas experts leverage StratasScope and other sources to stay current on key developments affecting both the macro and micro levels.

Stratas Upstream is an integrated team of geologists, engineers, and financial/economic professionals. Our team structure encourages holistic solutions that consider market forces, as well as, technical and other factors on upstream developments. Hence, our outlooks begin with an understanding of the big picture and conclude with a deep knowledge and respect of the details.

ESS serves our clients. Research and data are delivered via our dedicated web portal in multiple formats and include both formal and informal analytical content, podcasts, webcasts, and more. Stratas experts are available via calls and email for routine consultation. Our experts are also available for deeper advisory services that can be custom-tailored to meet client needs.

With this service, you receive

  • Research and outlooks covering the North America oil and gas industry

  • Oil and Gas estimates covering five years of history, the current year, and a five-year outlook. Estimates are derived from detailed reviews of drilling and completions, well performance, and well-level economics.

  • Outlooks begin with an assessment of the global economy, global oil fundamentals, and the call on domestic production.
  • Production forecasts are based on our proprietary type curves (developed in-house), location inventories, assessment of well additions by quality, drilling and drilling efficiencies, completions and drilled but uncompleted (DUC) wells, and play and subplay economics.
  • Production estimates for oil, natural gas and NGL potential by month

  • Resource estimates for North American oil and natural gas based on geology, prevailing economics, and visible technology

  • Access to charts and downloadable data available in both standard and customized datasets that can be easily imported to Excel

  • Complimentary access to North American Shale Infrastructure, which provides evaluation of takeaway capacity pertaining to crude oil,natural gas and NGLs with consideration of current logistical and processing capabilities and expected investments

Who uses this service and how do they use it?

Domestic E&P

Used by executives, directors, and senior managers for strategy and planning, operational benchmarking and competitor analysis
Used by executives and business development professionals to evaluate market opportunities and stay abreast of key developments impacting the industry
Financial Sector  Used by asset managers, advisors, and analysts to augment their research needs and capabilitiesbr />  
Service Sector
Used by executives and business development professionals to evaluate market opportunities in specific upstream sectors
Downstream Companies (refiners and petrochemical firms)
Used by executives and market analysts to evaluate short- and long-term market supplies
International E&P Companies 
Used by executives, directors, and analysts to evaluate the position and direction of North American opportunities
Industry and Government Agencies
Used by regulators and policymakers to obtain outside perspectives on factors affecting the oil and gas industry